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I’m Wendy. It’s truly an honor to have you here. I love helping successful entrepreneurs and executives add more joy, meaning and balance in your life.


I started my business so I could have more freedom, fulfillment, joy and satisfaction in my life. I left my corporate job thinking I’d have more time, freedom and meaning in my life. Over time I found myself my business growing, along with my success. I became an International Bestselling author, I grew my clientele, my revenue increased, I was invited to speak on podcasts and in front of audiences. I had achieved success, but at what cost?
I was texting and working, instead of being fully present with my kids. I was connecting less and less with my husband. I was spending less time with friends and was too busy to meditate and would neglect self-care. I was tired from staying up late working. I found I was missing the joy, meaning, self-care and balance I had sought in starting a business in the first place.


It’s difficult to work full time, be a devoted spouse and connect with family. All that stress, overwhelm and fear finally led to a breakdown. I couldn’t live like this any longer. I needed a huge change in my lifestyle and was determined to find a better way. I began exploring new ways of thinking about life and money and doing a lot of inner work. Very quickly, my life completely transformed. That included totally changing my mindset around money. Money, I learned, was a tool I could use as leverage to create a life I loved. It was not something I should use and abuse to numb my stress, discontent and lack of fulfillment. I started to create my OWN version of the “American Dream,” living my life with wholeness and integrity and starting a business. Even better, I finally felt real joy return to my life. And our money? We went from negative savings the previous year to saving over $40,000 during my year of transformation! That was life changing and amazing in so many ways. With more money I could actually have the life I loved — doing what I wanted to do and spending more time with my family. That also meant I could give my special needs son, and younger daughter, the time and attention they deserved. Like I said…life changing. Getting into a good financial position also meant I had a significant emergency fund to leave my job as a corporate monkey and start my business as a Empowerment coach. I wanted to teach people the things I learned that created such a dramatic shift in my life. I’ll never forget the day I left my corporate job to focus on my life and my business. It was a HUGE turning point because I no longer needed to ask permission to do what I wanted with my time… More time and flexibility for my family. Volunteering at my kids’ school. Taking vacations. Dropping them off and picking them up from school. Spending quality time with them every day. Having time to prepare dinner without feeling stressed. I felt like my life was in-balance for the first time. My marriage also improved because I was no longer giving sloppy seconds, thirds or really, fourths to my husband. And I had time for my health and self-care for the first time in sooo long. I even had time for a social life! Finally, I was living my life on MY terms. Having a balanced business gave me the opportunity to do all that and still have an enormous positive impact on people’s lives.


While I was able to love my business and life, I saw other entrepreneurs and executives struggling to manage their business and still have time for their family and self-care. This is why I started my program to teach entrepreneurs and executives like you how to run your business instead of it running you, so you have more time and money for what matters — to have a life you truly love.