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How many people do you know whom are living out their dream? A handful? More likely 1 or 2?


I see too many people who are victims of their lives, rather than masters of it.

They’re overwhelmed and carried along in a sea of problems, rather than pursuing the passions God has put on their hearts. There has to be more to life than waking up, rushing to work, enduring the next 8 to 10 hours, speeding the kids off to soccer practice, stressing about bills and then falling into a heap on the couch as you binge watch House of Cards; numbing the underlying frustration you feel.

Everyone has a purpose buried within their heart. The longer it’s subdued, ignored and chastised the more challenging it maybe to unearth it. Yet, it’s dying to come out. If we are not living out this purpose, we will never be truly fulfilled.

What stops us from pursuing this dream? Fear of failing, worry of what others will think and terror over how to pay the bills.

For years, I endured corporate America for the lifestyle it afforded me, but I felt like a means to someone else’s end. Year after year, I felt like my soul was gradually shrinking away.

I wanted to create a business where I empowered and served others. I wanted to be able to say “yes” when my kids asked me to play legos instead of yelling at them to grab their sports gear while running out the door. I wanted to emotionally connect with friends instead of only liking their posts on Facebook. I wanted my relationship with God and spirituality to be a daily practice instead of something relegated to Sundays and moments in the car. I wanted to feel fit, strong and rested.

This was my dream life, but I was stuck because I was in debt and was a slave to my spending habits.

I started conquering my demons: money shame, perfectionism, insecurity of not keeping up with the Jones’, retail therapy and using money as a drug to numb the emotional isolation I often felt. I had tried gimmicks and quick fixes, to no avail. Instead, through soul-searching, classes, training, wrestling, tons of journaling and prayer, I was able embark on the life journey of living well. My belief is that in order to live well, you need to take care of the 4 pillars: spiritual, physical, emotional and financial wellness.

Through this work, I was able to experience major transformation in my life. One of the key manifestations of this process was getting out debt and building a significant emergency saving account. My financial overhaul enabled me to leave my corporate job and propelled me to start my financial wellness business.

Do you have a passion stirring in your heart? Do you want a more flexible lifestyle to allow you more balance for what’s important in your life? Do you desire to do work that lights others and you up? Do you need help learning the skills and creating the plan to get you to where you want to go?

Are you ready to realize your dream?