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When my son was born I thought I only had two options.

Option 1: I could be a stay-at-home mom and bring in no income, which was not really an option for us.  Option 2: I could continue working my corporate job, but not spend as much time with family as I wanted to.

Another issue was I really enjoyed the mental stimulation of working and didn’t want to give up the skills I had worked years to develop.

As a Money Coach, I meet with many Moms facing the same dilemma.

But, what if there were a third option?

What if you could spend more time with your family, but still do something that kept your skills up and brought your family income? Is it possible to have it all (as I talk about in another post)?

Crystal Paine a.k.a. The Money Saving Mom ( provides the antidote to this dilemma in her latest book: Money Making Mom.

Like myself, Crystal has a passion for empowering Moms to spend quality time and provide for their families.  The Money Making Mom book is the only comprehensive guidebook I’ve seen that gives Moms the nuts and bolts of how to actually make it happen.  Crystal speaks to the factors and challenges only a Mom can understand.  Also, as an employer of 16 people and an uber-successful blog that has over a million viewers, we are able to learn from both the successes and failures of Crystal’s experience.

1. Seeing Your Vision

When I meet with clients who are trying to save more money, get out of debt and cut their expenses, the only way they will be successful is if they have a strong enough vision of where they want to be.

In my own journey, I was determined to build a significant emergency fund, because I wanted to go out on my own to become a Financial coach.  I wanted to leave my corporate job to help people use their money to create the lifestyles they want.  I also wanted flexible hours, so I could part-time home school my son with special needs.

Crystal talks about the importance of a strong vision and there is a space in the book where she has you write it down. Writing down your vision will help increase the likelihood of making it a reality.

2. Skills, Talents and Passions: The Trifecta

In my coaching practice, I work with clients on how to increase their income.  I find Moms, in particular, tend to undervalue their skills and talents.

Crystal’s story is a fascinating example of someone who didn’t seem like they had a lot of skills on the surface.  In the Money Money Making Mom book Crystal shares:

My husband was in law school when we found out I was pregnant with our first baby. I was extremely sick for the first five months and had to quit my job as a mother’s helper. While I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, I knew there was no way we could live on my husband’s income alone. However, I could not for the life of me come up with anything I could do to earn money from home.

At this time in her life, Crystal had not had a successful career and did not have a college-degree.  She did, however, have a passion for writing, a technical bent and a knack for marketing.  It inspires me how she was able to use these talents, skills and passions to create a vibrant online community and become an inspiring blogger, author and public-speaker.  Crystal’s story shows we are only limited by our belief in what we have to offer.

In the Money Making Mom Book, there is a list of questions you can ask yourself to discover what your skills and talents are.  One idea Crystal talks about is asking people around you to identify what you’re good at.  I thought I had a pretty good handle on my skills and talents.  When I asked a friend this question though, I was surprised at her response.

Chances are you don’t realize the breadth of skills and talents you do have.

In The Money Making Mom book there are tons of ideas on how people have turned their talents into money making: from Etsy, to Blogging on Chicken coops, to having multi-million dollar businesses.

There are cases where you may need to do something more for money than passion.  I do believe, however, people are more often successful in the long-run at something they love v. something they’re doing for the money.

3. Lighting Up, But Not Burning Out

When I see people doing what they love they truly shine.  At the same time, too much success too fast can result in burn out.

Crystal talks about the challenges Moms face of having to build a business/income stream, while at the same time being present, engaged and awake.

I feel like I struggle with this on a daily basis.  As I’ve gained more business and opportunities, I could easily work 60 hours a week or more if I wanted to, all in the name of taking care of my family.  There’s no point in having my own business if I’m too overwhelmed and exhausted to give to them.  This is why having a strong vision (point number 1) is so key.

In the Money Making Mom book, Crystal states “A business can take over your life if you don’t set boundaries. You need to consider how much time you have to invest in your business or idea. Two to three hours a day? Ten, twenty, or forty hours a week? How much time can you commit to working without getting the life sucked out of your energy, your relationships, and your general well-being?

As Moms, we have unique challenges and many demands on our time and energy.  This book is the only one I’ve seen that speaks, specifically to Mom entrepreneurs and their situation.  I love how Crystal gives practical advice on how to build a business/idea in a sustainable way that will not hurt our spouses and family.

4. Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Give Up

Repurposing the lyrics of Taylor Swift for something more positive, not giving up seems like such a cliche.

When I see how few comments I get on a blog post, or how many likes I have on my Facebook page, it can be extremely discouraging.  Crystal gives a ton of encouragement in her book to Mom entrepreneurs, which we all need to hear over and over again.

There’s also a lot in the book on how to learn from failure.  I love the story Crystal shares about her failed online wedding dress store, which taught her what she needed to learn to be successful in her blog.

I am not getting any commission for writing about this book, but am supporting it because I believe it gives Moms more options.

This post is a brief summary of the book.  The book includes a lot more, such as living generously, how to grow a business in a financially responsible way, how to hire good employees, time management, etc.

As a show of my support for the Money Making Mom book, I wanted to offer anyone who comments on and shares this blog post (by November 10, 2015) to be entered to win one of two copies I will be giving away.

How do you think the Money Making Mom book could give you (or someone you know) more options?