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Ouch, this hurts like a mother.  Why am I putting myself through this pain?  Has my daily flossing and brushing amounted to nothing?

These were the thoughts flashing through my mind at a recent dental cleaning.  It had been over a year and the tartar build up on my teeth was not pretty.  I know, TMI.

During the cleaning, there were times where I wanted to scream and pull a Ronda Rousy move on the dentist…if I had those moves.  Hey, this is in my head so I can do anything I want, right?

After it was said and done though, I luxuriated in how smooth and clean my teeth felt.  Throughout the day, I couldn’t help but continuously run my tongue along my teeth.  It was a stark contrast to the roughness I usually feel.

I had a similar experience recently with my finances.  I am a financial coach and had a fellow coach, Gayle, review my budget.

We had setup a time.  As I was preparing my budget before our meeting, I found myself scrutinizing it more closely than if only my husband and I were reviewing it.

Gayle lives on the east coast and had I scheduled the call for 6:30 am, before the kids wake up.  Of course, I had also scheduled it for a Monday morning.

When my alarm went off at 6:00 am, I was less than excited about the call.  Why am I doing this?  I wonder if we can reschedule.  Do I really need this?  I’m tired.  

I even texted her hoping she would say she couldn’t do it.

Wait!!!  As I financial coach, I should be more excited about this, right?

Gayle replied we were still on and even had a cute emoji smiling back at me.  How could I cancel after seeing that emoji?

My kids are 5 and 7, but they eat they eat the amount of 2 full-grown adults.  We also have a special diet and try and eat healthy.  I’ve always felt like our food expenses are higher than I’d like.  I feared Gayle would balk at our food expenses and challenge me to radically cut.

The experience, however, was nothing of the sort.  I explained my situation, she offered some suggestions I hadn’t considered.  Mostly, she provided support and encouragement.  I will say the experience was like taking a refreshing shower after camping for days in dirt and heat.

Opening up about my finances (which has always been an extremely touchy area for me) was very freeing.  I felt like I didn’t have to hide anymore.

Since our call, there have been several times I considered purchasing things, then Accountability would rear its head.  Knowing my goals and knowing I’d be talking to Gayle in a few weeks, gave me the nudge I needed to push harder in sticking to my budget.

According to a study by ExerciseFriends:

Dieting or working out alone is a losing proposition 95% of the time.

ExerciseFriends found accountability partners raise the success of failing diet and exercise programs to over 95%. Their members tend to keep the pounds off if they keep working with a friend or partner.

The study found that over 89% of those who pay personal trainers do so because they force themselves to show up because they have paid a person to be waiting there for them.

I am convinced that although we don’t always love accountability, we all need it to take our lives higher.

How have you seen accountability help you reach your goals?