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The passion, love, generosity, and wisdom that Wendy shows up with and offers to her clients is truly remarkable. Being able to clearly distinguish a vision for my life and career as well as creating a structure to connect with this vision has been powerfully perspective-altering. Wendy is committed and available to her clients to empower, provide wisdom and create an access to continue pushing forward during those challenging times of establishing a new business and everything that entails. In the 7 week’s I’ve been coached by Wendy, my ability to be connected with conviction to this vision I’ve created for myself, my life and my career has never been clearer or in motion, as it is now. Thank you, Wendy!!

– Elizabeth, Business Owner, Modern Day Pro






Wendy has been my business coach for 4 months. And I ain’t never had a friend like her!
Each call is packed with insight. She directs me to find what is really important in my business vision and how to engage with what really matters to me. She leads me to understanding how to engage people in making my business and personal worlds operate with love and integrity, vision and execution. With her, I discover what is holding me back and what tool I can use to move in the direction of the life I want to live. She has given me her own resources of people and technology when called for. I have discovered in every. single. call. something I had not been able to see without her, which I have used in the following week to expand my business and strengthen my personal relationships. I really am so grateful. It’s funny because I know this review is still “generic.” For specifics, you are WELCOME to contact me and I will tell you what I actually accomplished as a result of my calls with Wendy. She has the utmost integrity and holds me to do the same. I’ve never met someone who could really get me to see how I could live more powerfully. It’s like having a best friend business guru. She deals with what’s really happening.
Your investment will pay off.

– Kayti, Health Professional






I have struggled with my finances for a long time but I was afraid to do anything about it. Being a single mom made me realize that I needed to make some changes and live a life I truly deserve. Wendy gave me the knowledge and confidence to turn my financial situation around. She is a passionate coach and walked me through the steps needed to start a new life.

– Gigi Mom, Corporate Manager, Superwoman